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Moments of discovery, of self and of the island

Claudio Magris, in one of his best books about traveling, says that traveling means resting in a space in the infinity of the universe, with respect and gratitude. And it is only by traveling, indulging in cultural experiences, thematic itineraries, and tastings that one can come to understand, deep down, the multifaceted soul of Pantelleria.

Moments of discovery, of self and of the island 4

Boat Experience

Embark on an adventure to uncover the hidden gems of Pantelleria, a captivating island of extraordinary beauty begging to be explored.

To truly grasp the essence of Pantelleria, one must immerse themselves in its sights and sounds, experiencing it from every angle.

Charter a boat, with or without a skipper, to delve into the treasures of this timeless destination, where you can indulge in refreshing swims in pristine waters and savor delectable offerings meticulously crafted by Chef Andrea.

Moments of discovery, of self and of the island 5

Rooftop aperitif

As the sun starts its descent in Pantelleria, edging closer to the horizon, the sky ignites with a burst of colors, ranging from a cozy orange to a vibrant red.

Resting atop the cool tufa roofs of the Zubebi dammusi, traditional island abodes, you can unwind and recharge, serenaded by the gentle sea breeze.

With a fine glass of Zibibbo in hand, you gaze out toward the horizon, where the iridescent shades of a sunset over Africa unfold, accompanied by the emergence of the moon and the first stars of the evening.

Moments of discovery, of self and of the island 6


Pantelleria boasts natural volcanic lakes, dense coniferous forests, vibrant Mediterranean flora and fauna, and much more. From ancient mule tracks to secluded coves nestled amidst stunning cliffs, to natural thermal pools serving as nature's own saunas.

Every corner of Pantelleria is a treasure trove for trekking enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of landscapes unique to an island nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Embark on a journey to uncover the island's distinctive charms and delve into its heart, where adventure awaits at every turn.

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