Wellness Center

We believe that true luxury lies in the quality of life, in the authenticity of values and in feeling at home in every corner of the world. This is why we offer a corner of peace and relaxation, where we can gratify sight and spirit.

Designed to ensure those moments of quality and well-being that we seek and recreate for our guests The "wellness and health" area in a relaxing and perfumed environment of flower essences offers a sauna, a hammam, an outdoor whirlpool and a relaxation room.



 Consultations and treatments with naturopath

 Physiotherapy treatments

  • Neuromotor rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Respiratory rehabilitation

 Beauty treatments

  • Lymphatic massage
  • Decontracting massage
  • Anti age massage
  • Deep moisturizing massage
  • Face massage



    The Finnish sauna is the traditional sauna, where the internal temperature can reach 80-100 ° C, inducing an abundant perspiration of the skin, while the humidity does not exceed 10-20%, apart from when the water is thrown away on the stones; sometimes essential oils with balsamic effect are added to the water.

    It is a panacea for the body and mind, facilitates concentration by eliminating distractions and stress, and is ideal for detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, purifying the skin, stimulating circulation, and eliminating excess fluids.


    The Turkish bath or hammam is a wellness treatment that is carried out within an environment saturated with water vapor (100% humidity) forming a stratified temperature fog (from 20/25 ° C to 40/50 feet. ° C at head level) which, depositing on the skin, invites perspiration.

    The sweating is encouraged and with it the expulsion of uric acid and toxins, improving the filtering function of the kidneys, favoring the hydration of the upper respiratory tract and making the skin more elastic and luminous. The high humidity and strong sweating favor the cell turnover: in fact, the cells of the horny layer of the epidermis, soaked in sweat, come off more easily and make the skin soft and smooth.


    The whirlpool uses the principles of hydrotherapy together with the benefits of massage therapy. Water pressure promotes drainage of liquids; the highest temperature, between 37 ° and 38 °, has decontracting power and stimulates circulation, while the colder temperature produces a tonic and stimulating effect.

    The absence of gravity relieves joint stress by reducing the weight of 90% and the powerful jets soothe the tensions with the massage.


    In our Wellness Center is available a staff of professionals consisting of a naturopath expert in psychosomatic medicine, a physiotherapist and a beautician, who will meet the needs of our customers, identifying natural interventions, treatments or remedies aimed at restoring wellbeing and recovering a harmonic relationship with one's body.

    The specific skills of the naturopath are in the traditional fields of aromatherapy, herbal medicine, eco-cosmetics, flower therapy, reflexology, massage and natural nutrition. The therapeutic strategies implemented are aimed at recreating harmony in the health of the client.

    Flowers, roots, herbs and leaves have always been precious medicines for humans. The holistic herbal medicine recognizes in the plant a complex of substances that act in synergy for the rebalancing of the whole organism and the well-being of the whole person.


    The essential oils penetrate our body through the skin and smell thanks to the massage stimulate the functions of the whole organism and not of a single apparatus. Through the respiratory tract and the areas of the ancient brain, the place of emotions and instinct, the scent has effects on the mood, influencing the health conditions, rebalancing the mood and personality and then abandon the body once finished its function.

    In our wellness center we offer the possibility of experiencing customized blends of oils, butters and perfumes made with the use of high quality organic raw materials. The same, also produced with the use of carefully selected native spontaneous plants. These ointments promote physical, mental and spiritual reharmonization and will make the treatment experience special and profound, as well as relaxing moments when you return from vacation.